Scent Listing

Amaretto – A scent for the Amaretto lover at heart. All Candle Types

Aromatherapy- A relaxing minty scent to calm the air. All Candle Types

Bird of Paradise – A fresh scent of the flower. All Candle Types

Black Cherry, Raspberry, Vanilla - A popular scent!!!! Rockstar scent of blackberries, raspberries & vanilla. All Candle Types

Black Cherry- Mixture of cherry, vanilla, & a hint of spice. All Candle Types.

Black Tie – A masculine scent fit for the classy. All Candle Types.

Caribbean Teakwood -Fruit and wood infused scent enjoyed by both sexes. All Candle Types

Cashmere and Silk- A Silky scent of french vanilla, coconut, rose, violet, & apricot. All Candle Types.

 Chamomile - A floral type of relaxing and soothing scent. All Candle Types.

Chardonnay-A fresh scent of smooth white wine. All Candle Types.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries- The scent of milk chocolate & strawberries. All Candle Types.

Chocolate Covered Cherries- The scent of milk chocolate and cherries. All Candle Types.

Cinnamon Stick-Aroma of spiced cinnamon. All Candle Types.

Clean Cotton- Scent of freshly cleaned linen hung in the summer’s air. All Candle Types.

Coconut Lime- An island explosion. The fruit mix of coconut & lime. All Candle Types.

Coconut Lime Verbena- Our Version of the BBW type. All Candle Types.

Cucumber Melon – A cool refreshing blend. A mixture of cucumber & melon.  All Candle Types.

Delicious- Similar to DKNY Delicious fragrance (our version). All Candle Types.

Elite – Masculine scent similar to Curve Men (our version). All Candle Types.

Eucalyptus & Spearmint-  A soothing minty fragrance to fill the air. All Candle Types.

Eucalyptus & Peppermint – A calming mint fragrance. All Candle Types.

Egyptian Amber- A lovely scent! Vanilla, musk ,and sandalwood with notes of jasmine, lavender and orange. All Candle Types.

Frankincense & Myrrh- Enjoyable mixture of spice, herbs, and woods. All Candle Types.

French Vanilla- Sweet aroma of French Vanilla ice cream. All Candle Types.

Gardenia- Positive match for the gardenia flower. All Candle Types.

Gentlemen- Masculine designer scent similar to Black for Men (our version). All Candle Types.

Golden Rose- A bouquet of roses mixed with marigold & lily. All Candle Types.

Hawaiian Breeze- Tropical fragrant scent of fruit punch. All Candle Types.

Hawaiian Splash/Adventure – A tropical, fruit filled party in a glass. All Candle Types.

Heavenly (similar to VS Angel fragrance). All Candle Types.

Home For The Holiday-A bright scent of a freshly cleaned home. All Candle Types

Honey Suckle Jasmine- A touch of honey combined with a floral garden. All Candle Types.

In The Mood-A scent of romance. All Candle Types.

Jamaican Me Crazy- A sexy scent to make you go crazy. All Candle Types.

Lady Blue – A scent similar to light blue for women (our version). All Candle Types.

Love Trance - Similar to VS perfume (our version). All Candle Types.

Mango & Papaya- An island mix of fresh fruit. All Candle Types.

Miss B Hav’n- Top seller! light yet seductive aroma. All Candle Types.

Naked- The aroma of cocoa butter. All Candle Types

Oatmeal,  Milk, & Honey- The scent of a spa day. All Candle Types

Ocean Breeze- A scent of the cool ocean air. All Candle Types.

On The Beach -A tantalizing scent of laying on the beach. All Candle Types.

Pink Sugar – Sweetly sugared scent mixed with cotton candy & hints of raspberry & caramel. All Candle Types.

Pomegranate- A fruitful scent of pomegranate. All Candle Types.

Pomegranate & Champagne- The mix of champagne and fruit scent of pomegranate.

Pretty Kitty – A pretty scentful aroma of peach, kiwi, strawberry, & pear. All Candle Types.

Pure Kiss- A fruitful scent so sweet you will want to kiss. Lime, orange, a blend of berry and cherry, with base of vanilla. All Candle Types

Raspberry Sangria- Red wine & raspberry. All Candle Types.

Strawberry- A fruitful scent of fresh strawberries. All Candle Types.

Strawberry Champagne -Similar to VS type (Our version). All Candle Types.

Strawberry Chardonnay- An intoxicating mix of white wine & strawberry. All Candle Types.

Strawberry Daiquiri- The scent of A frozen drink in a glass. All Candle Types.

Sugar Cookie-A fresh baked scent of homemade cookies. All Candle Types.

Sweet P’- Similar to BBW fragrance. (our version) All Candle Types.

Red Velvet Cake- A custom scent crafted for the Red Velvet Cake lovers. All Candle Type.

Vanilla Buttercream-  A custom of cake for dessert lovers. All Candle Types.

Vanilla Lace-Similar to VS fragrance (our version). All Candle Types.

Watermelon- A juicy sweet scent of watermelon. All Candle Types.

White Zinfandel-A scent of white zinfandel wine. All Candle Types

White Zinfandel & Pomegranate– A drink mix of white zinfandel wine, pomegranate, & strawberry. All Candle Types.

We are CONSTANTLY adding to this list. Please check back often for updates. If you want a scent you do not see listed above, we may be able to obtain the scent for you. E-mail us at and let us customize your scent.