What are soy candles?

Soy candles are made of soy wax, which comes from soy beans. Soy wax is so safe the wax has been approved by the FDA for skin usage. Please note our wax is not intended for skin use as it contains dye & fragrance oil. Soy candles are easy to clean. Wash with soap and water and your candle jar can be reused or recycled. Soy candles release more aroma and burn twice as long as paraffin candles. Please be advised!!!!! Soy candles release a different aroma amount than paraffin candles. Some soy scents are lighter or stronger depending on the scent type. Prolific Candles allows you to enjoy your favorite tantalizing scent. Feel safe and environmentally friendly while the aroma freshens the air.

Candle Burning Tips

  • To get the most use and fragrant candle scent, when burning candles for the first time you should burn the candle for one hour, for each inch of candle diameter. This means if you have a candle two diameters you should burn the candle for two hours to obtain a memory scent. Following the correct burning technique will ensure your candle does not melt down but produces a “scentfully aromantic” scent. Also ensure the candle has a “pool” on top before extinguishing, to prevent tunneling and to get the most burn for your candle. This means the entire top layer of wax should be melted prior to blowing out the flame or you may see a tunneling effect meaning the candle burns down the center, instead of evenly through.
  • Do not place candles in direct sunlight as discoloration may occur.
  • Only trim off the edge of the wick. Soy wax is thicker and more heat is required to burn the candle. Wick should be 1/4 inch.
  • After cooling your candle may appear to bubble or look bumpy on the top. Don’t panic!!! This is a normal reaction for all soy candles and your product will still burn scentfully.
  • When using the Mini-Candle Cubes we carry it is best to cut the cube in half or 1/4 piece to prevent over flow and damage to your warmer.
  • When your candle reaches 1/4 of wax at the bottom discontinue use.
  • If spills occur soy wax is easily cleaned with soap & water.

Warmers FAQ

  • Warmers can burn oil or candle wax. We offer a 15 day exchange only period for any defective warmers. Warmers will be replaced with the exact same warmer style and color. Light bulbs are NOT included in this warranty.
  • Dish is removable for easy clean up.
  • Warmer Uses one 35 watt halogen bulb (included).
  • Remove dish prior to cleaning. (only clean dish and outside of warmer).
  • Avoid getting wax, oil, or any moisture inside warmer as this will damage warmer & make it inoperable.
  • Do not operate warmer for more than 8hrs at a time.
  • Prolific Candles is NOT responsible for ANY damages to warmers, items, or persons caused by warmers.

Additional FAQs

  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!!!! No refunds or exchanges except on warmers a 15 day exchange only period for exact same item is offered ONLY for defective items.(Unless error on our part regarding selection of scent or type).
  • Shipping rates vary by region and item weight. (Carrier USPS).
  • We accept Paypal as form of payment. (Cash depending on region).
  • Prolific Candles ONLY ships within the United States (Sorry for any inconvenience).


You may notice a “frost” colored appearance or “bumpy” appearance around the brim and/or top of your candles. Soy candles are natural & made from vegetable oil, this “frost” or/and “bumpy” appearance is a natural curing effect of soy candles & in no way does this take away from the quality of the candle or the scent the candle will produce. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turn Around Time

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing (not including shipment, shipment requires different timeframe depending on delivery method) on ALL ORDERS. Rush shipping is available for an additional cost. Standard delivery is 5-7 Business Days (Not including holidays). Rush shipping is 3-5 business days ( not including holidays).


DO NOT leave candles or warmers unattended!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep candles & warmers out of reach of children. Our candles & warmers are safe if handle properly. Prolific Candles is not responsible for any damages caused by candles, warmers, or any other products sold due to negligence and your purchase warrants acceptance of this policy. You surrender all rights to any legal action against Prolific Candles by purchasing our products.